Considering that website design is not mainly for the sake of attracting the attention of your website visitors, but the design focuses on marketing. Think of a web design as a strategy to provide leads and sales. A great design can boost the entire set up of your website which is why you’ll need to have a kind of design that speaks about the products or services and how it works. To further understand, here are principles in making an effective website design.

  1. Have a visual hierarchy
  2. Proportions
  3. Hick’s Law
  4. Visual Communication
  5. Gestalt Design Law

1. Have a visual hierarchy

Keep your eyes to the goal. An online business grows because of the design that you have provided for visitors to understand clearly what you’re offering. Most people are visual learners which is why they want to see products or services that can be beneficial to them. Keep in mind that there are certain areas on your website that are essential to visitors. Certain parts of the website such as providing a click button. For example, adding a “cart” button for consumers to buy products or services.

You must have objectives, and it is important that you are planning your specific goals. Prioritize the details of your business website to make sure that your consumers or visitors will not be disoriented.


2. Proportions

To making things aesthetically convenient and pleasing are to provide definite proportions. Working on a website is not simply slacking all your ideas in it but you have to create it in such a manner that it doesn’t complicate and loading time of the website is faster as well. Keep in mind that visitors do not have the patience to wait that long for a web page to load. For example, determine your layout width and height thus uses formulas that create proper proportions for your website.


3. Hick’s law

This pertains to providing information content and details to your website design. Just like a restaurant menu, you have options to choose and an option to walk way and look for another restaurant. So, that is hick’s law is all about? To make sure that you’re able to provide good experience is to eliminate distracting options to choose.


4. Visual communication

Of course, a website design wouldn’t be that great without adding images. Through visual contents, you can communicate well with your visitors and improve your sales as well.


5. Gestalt design law

You are technically providing an eye trick for visitors to purchase a product or services from you. The principle behind the Gestalt design law is that it makes you see the items presented first before you dig into the details.


In conclusion, to have an effective website design is to understand that it is not an art. This focuses more on your business goals and what you can provide for the people to benefit. It takes time for a business website to grow, but in the latter end, it is financially rewarding.

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